Bok Bok

Event Particpant - Performance

Credit Dan Wilton

Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon is a London based DJ, producer, remixer and director of the incendiary Night Slugs record label. DJing since 2004, Sushon started to make his name on London’s underground scene around the time grime music was first emerging from the capital’s tower blocks, and for the first years of his career he played little else.

The unique inventiveness and raw energy of that music has remained with Sushon ever since those early days, as he discovered the wider world of club music, seeing many parallels between the homegrown music of London and house music from Chicago to South Africa, techno, Baltimore/Jersey/Philly club, 80s funk and a myriad of other music styles across many eras. Fast forward to 2008 and Bok Bok joins forces with like-minded producer and DJ L-Vis 1990 to form Night Slugs, initially a club night in South London that has now developed into one of London’s most innovative record labels a record labels, with a non stop source of challenging and ambitious music for the club, launching the careers of artists such as Mosca, Jam City and Girl Unit amongst others.