J Rick



Call it faith, call it luck, call it destiny. In fact – in the case of upcoming UK artist J Rick – call it all three, and more. You’ll likely know his name already, as the architect behind BBC Music’s Sound of 2019 winner Octavian. He produced the breakthrough singles “Party Here”, “Hands” and “Lightning”; a trio which each explores beyond the fringes of London’s ever-evolving soundworld, and together sound truly unlike anything else right now.

Born in Tottenham, J Rick knew the usual things boys in Tottenham know when growing up. Football, roads, and making music on a cracked version of Fruity Loops. Eventually, he left home at 16 – leaving behind his “strictly Christian parents” (his dad is a pastor), moving into social housing while studying at the lauded Brit School.

Just above the Essie Gang tattoo on his stomach is another that reads “No Retreat No Surrender”. His uncle, a boxer, passed away – and long story short, that was his mantra. And though J Rick’s music isn’t political, it is instilled with meaning – that tattoo is the name of his upcoming mixtape, for reasons he can tell you more about. There’s also the fact that in a world of producer tags and hyped up features – stuff that’s done for the money, essentially – J Rick embodies what it means to be a purist.