Mount Kimbie


Mount Kimbie’s continual forward motion has positioned them as one of the UK’s most progressive and respected artists. With debut album ‘Crooks & Lovers’, their central role in the birthing of the so-called “post-dubstep” sound initially inspired a generation of electronic producers around the turn of the decade. Despite the weight of this influence, the band are still far from categorizable. Third album ‘Love What Survives’, released on Warp Records, only adds to their reputation, proving the band are as vital as ever and offering no clues as to where their thrilling evolution might visit next. The band’s sound has more recently crossed over to some of the biggest US artists. Their Crooks & Lovers standout ‘Adriatic’ found new life in Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber’s 2016 song ‘Juke Jam’, while Dom has production credits with James Blake on multiple tracks on JAY-Z’s recent album.